New Patients - Start Your Healing Journey | Acupuncture

What to expect on your first visit

Most people schedule a diagnosis session and an initial treatment visit. However, you may choose a diagnostic appointment only — it’s up to you.

At the diagnostic visit, an analysis of your health using Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis techniques will set the ground for future health decisions and treatments. This will include an assessment of your current symptoms, past treatments, patient and family medical history, sleep patterns, diet, organ functions and emotional health. As part of this process, the pulses on both wrists may be taken to determine how energy is flowing within the body, and your tongue may be examined for color, coating and structure to determine underlying pathogenic factors.

During this comprehensive evaluation, I will also observe the overall presentation of your signs and symptoms to assist in determining exactly what’s happening with your personal health.


  • ‣ book your appointment for a day that is not a very busy or hectic one for you
  • ‣ maintain good personal hygiene
  • ‣ go to the washroom just before your session
  • ‣ have a light meal or snack
  • ‣ take any medications, if needed
  • ‣ wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • ‣ remove all jewelry
  • ‣ no smoking 1 hour prior to appointment
  • ‣ no caffeine 2 hours before your session
  • ‣ no hot bath, sexual or other vigorous activity 2 hours before your appointment
  • ‣ no alcohol, tranquilizers or barbiturates 4 hours prior to your session


In addition to the above :

  • ‣ take Grape Seed Extract (10,000 IU), 3 times daily until the final session, then ONCE daily for maintenance


  • ‣ try to get 1-2 hours rest
  • ‣ avoid strenuous activity for 2 days following treatment
  • ‣ take all regular medications as directed by your physician
  • ‣ no smoking for one hour after treatment
  • ‣ no caffeine or alcohol for 2 hours after treatment