Christine Tassone, R.Ac

I get it. Sometimes men have health issues that they’d rather not talk about. And that’s totally understandable, because most men’s experiences at the doctor's office can get — a little personal.

So on that note, if you’re a guy who:

  1. ‣ needs help with your medical problems
  2. ‣ wants a natural solution or;
  3. ‣ doesn’t relish an “intrusive” physical exam…

You’re in luck! Traditional Chinese Medicine may be just what you’ve been searching for because:

  1. ‣ it has been effectively used for men’s health issues for thousands of years
  2. ‣ is drug-free and;
  3. ‣ doesn’t require me to work around the area where your problem is!

As a matter of fact, most men’s health treatments can easily be treated on the hands, feet, elbows and/or knees. And, in many cases, I can treat men’s health issues while treating other problems you may be experiencing, such as old or current sports injuries, job-related pain, hair loss or even stress.

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