This type of healing replaces the acupuncture needle with a low level laser beam.  There is absolutely no sensation felt by the patient, and on children, is almost as effective as standard acupuncture. In certain circumstances, parents may borrow a laser from the clinic to provide home care for their children.

 There are also additional advantages such as increased healing time for damaged tissue, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, stimulation of new cell growth, and reduction of fibrous tissue formation.  Therapeutic laser has shown impressive results for such conditions as burns, fevers, scarring, ulcers, fever blisters , skin disorders, and childrens' disorders such as night terrors, colic, nightmares, anxiety, bedwetting and colds.


Far-infrared therapy has deep penetrating power, using a healing form of  electromagnetic energy like that of the Sun .  The Sun's energy is essential to all living things and a deficiency can manifest itself in a multitude of disorders. 

Application of infrared energy allows the body to absorb it into deep tissue. The body responds by eliminating toxins, reducing acidity in the body, improving circulation, balancing metabolism and improving cellular vitality by increasing available oxygen to the cells.  

Infrared therapy works especially well on inflamation and, in conjunction with standard acupuncture treatment, can increase the healing response, especially in chronic conditions.

This therapy is used for such conditions as: headaches/migraines, weight loss, muscular pain, skin lesions, fatigue, stomach ulcers, gastrointestonal disorders, poor circulation, and  bronchitis.


Cupping encourages circulation of Qi (energy) and blood in the body.  It is used to eliminate toxins from the organs and draws impurities through the pores.  For the treatment of sports-type injuries, it is used to move and energize stagnant blood so that calcium and mineral deposits in the joints are minimized .  This type of therapy is used in the treatment of colds, acne, sports injuries,  pain, coughs, stress, tension, and women's health issues.


Moxibustion (Moxa) is the use of a dried herb (Mugwort), burned over specific acupuncture points on the body to provide warmth and facilitate healing.  Moxa has been proven to increase white blood cell count, increase digestive function, increase blood platelets.  It is generally used to treat  ares of the body which require warmth and for pain syndromes

Moxibustion is used for such conditions as hypothyroidism, arthritis, diarrhea, cramps and fatigue.


Sometimes mistaken for Tuina massage, Acupressure is a method of applying pressure by hand, elbow or specific devices,  to  acupuncture points.   Acupressure is the most effective treatment for home-care of tension-related disorders, as it alleviates stress, relaxes the mind, increases circulation and promotes healing.  Although not as rapidly-acting as acupuncture, it is   effective on most disorders which are treated by the usage of needles.  Acupressure is effective for treating  ailments such as nausea, muscular pain, asthma attacks, swelling, tension, eyestrain, sinusitis, headache and fatigue.